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The unique yoga therapy against ailments

1. Rehabilitation of boys/girls at the age from 7 till 15 - children's cerebral paralysis (CP with normal development of a brain and in full absence of operations) and mongolism. Adults - spondylitis, after strokes, traumas, hypertensive crises … Any medicines! Restoration period (depending on age, sex and an initial level) is approximately from 1 till 3 years.
2. The personal trainer of yoga: Hathа, Tantra, Ashtanga, Power, Kundalini. An individual training (1 - 3 people) for teenagers and adults! Real results for persons from 14 years!
I am the personal yoga instructor (male, engaged in yoga 45 years). My practical skill in yoga teaching and massage - 20 years. I work in Sweden, know Swedish and English. I am ready for live-in job.
Имя:  Alexander
Контактный телефон:  0046764382576
Работа:  Другое

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