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Private Russian Tutor

Wanted: Private Russian Tutor
I'm looking for someone who can help me learn Russian on a part time basis. If you live in the local area I can either travel to you or you can visit me. I am willing to pay up to £12 per hour and cover any expenses.

Hours will be flexible from both sides so if you already have a job and just want to earn extra cash this could be ideal for you. It would also be on a relaxed basis so no contracts or obligations.

It's not essential to have any experience in teaching Russian however it would be preferred. The main thing is that you can communicate well in English and Russian and you can bring a structure to a lesson and learning.

When applying please provide any details you have about yourself, why you would be interested in teaching Russian, what times you are available and any information regarding previous experience.
Имя:  _
Контактный телефон:  00
Работа:  Преподаватели, Педагоги
Зарплата:  £12 per hour
Регион:  Milton Keynes

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